Saturday, 29 April 2017

Top Fitness Tips Ready for the Slopes!

Fitness is incredibly important before a skiing trip as injuries are common to the unprepared whether you're a beginner to the slopes or a more advanced skiing fanatic.
As skiing uses different muscle groups to more conventional cardiovascular exercise, it's good to know how you can prepare yourself and prevent an injury from ruining your Alpine escape.

Here are our Top Fitness Tips Ready for the Slopes!

The majority of experts would advise to start around 2 months before your trip to really build up your strength, stamina and techniques. Doing this will allow you to build up your general cardio fitness which will help your body deal with less oxygen at those higher altitudes.
Being generally fit isn't the only thing that will make the most of your time on the slopes but having ski specific fitness is a must.

Cardiovascular Fitness

Just 20 minutes to an hour's worth of decent cardio training 3 times a week will definitely build your general cardio fitness and you'll start to feel the benefit in approximately 6 weeks.

Cycling is a preferred method of training for World Cup skiers as not only is it great for raising your heart rate but it also provides great practice for balancing.
Cross trainers break up what can turn into a monotonous training regime with a bit of variety.
Circuit Training is fantastic for short bursts of high impact exercise and also brings a wide range of exercises so you won't get bored of the same things.

Running is great for a high paced aerobic workout but it can be high impact on knees and swimming focuses more on your upper body strength.

Core Exercises

Your core is also incredibly important whether you're carving into the slopes or just trying to keep your balance! Your abs, obliques, lower back and hips are all part of your core muscles and will need some attention before heading out on your trip. Balance training such as Pilates or balance ball exercises are great ways to build up your strength.


Colder temperatures, like the ones you'll experience in the European Alps, make muscles stiffer, lack the range of movements and are slower to react than when we're at a normal altitude. Regular stretching before your trip as well as any time you plan to ski will not only lessen your chances of injuries but will also improve your ski performance.

Strength & Power

Your quads (the front of your thighs) and gluteals (the back of your thighs) are your main power muscles during skiing or snowboarding.
Exercises to help you train up include lunges, split squats, step ups or cycling. Try to avoid wall squats as these can translate to you skiing with weight going into your heels.

Weight Distribution

Your weight should be balanced over the centre of your skis to avoid any loss of control or injuries.

1st Time Skiiers

For the beginner skier, the thought of zooming down snowy slopes can not only be incredibly exciting but also daunting! The sensation of standing on a moving object is quite a strange one and definintely takes time to adjust to. Activities such as ice skating or roller blading will make this movement a lot less confusing and will still help you with the stance and balance you'll need for a successful ski.

Balance Boards are also a fantastic resource to help you train up for the ski season. They can be easily made at home or from specialist stores.

Advanced Skiers

For the more advanced skiing fanatic, there are more than enough activities to keep your skills up to par. Horse riding, mountain biking or gymnastics help hone in on your co-ordination and of course, balance.

Dont' forget there's always a chance to ski all year round at indoor ski slopes which are an ideal way to practice and really develop your skills ready for a successful skiing or snowboarding trip.

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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

A Look Inside A Luxury Ski Chalet

Here at Elegant Address Ski, luxurious chalets in the European Alps are where our expertise lies. We aim to bring you five star service and the very best properties to make your snowy retreat unforgettable.

A Look Inside A Luxurious Ski Chalet


First impressions are everything and ski chalets are no different. Using traditional Alpine designs, wooden beams and granite stone are a feature and make these gorgeous properties an inviting and welcoming retreat. 

Living Space

Many of the ski chalets available to rent are of open plan design, making the most of the space and giving you the room to live and relax comfortably. Wood burning fireplaces are an absolute must have feature along with the cosy furnishings, fluffy cushions and chunky throw rugs.


Who could resist wanting to cook on something as charming as this? One of the more traditionally designed kitchens, ski chalets also combine modern amenities with the authentic nature of the chalet itself. 


After a long day on the slopes, you'll be wanting to curl up in the most relaxing of settings. Bedrooms in ski chalets are high on the list of the most comfortable places to sleep, with large windows to see the exceptional views right from your pillow!


Does a relaxing bubble bath sound like heaven to you? Or maybe an immersive waterfall shower is just what you need after a tiring skiing day? These elegant bathrooms are something that need to be seen to be believed! Just like many of the other parts of the chalet, a mixture of traditional and contemporary designs are included in the interiors of the properties. 

Cinema Room

If you're taking a break from the slopes for the day, there's still plenty of activities to do in the chalet.
Viewing some of the film industry's classics might be on your to-do list and you can do that in style with top of the range technology at your fingertips. 


The ideal finale to an idyllic snowy ski day is a session in the spa. Maybe a full body massage will help loosen out those muscles and let you unwind after your energetic day?

Hot Tub

Want to relax but don't want to be stuck inside? An outdoor hot tub sounds the solution to your problem. Sit back in the swirling water, let the bubbles make your aches wash away and have something just as bubbly to sip as you wind down from the day's adventures.


And last but certainly not least, why go to the Alps if you can't appreciate the spectacular views?
With balconies and private terraces, you can soak in the snow-topped mountains and forests surrounding you in your own space and your own time. 

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Friday, 7 April 2017

Our Top Reasons to Visit Megeve

The beautiful picture postcard location of Megeve, situated in the south east of France near the Italian & Swiss borders and became more popular in the 1920's as a luxury ski resort.Retaining the old fashioned and traditional charm whilst offering its high end and glamorous position, this stunning village is completely worthy of its hidden gem status. If luxury, sophistication and fantastic food are you idea of paradise then Megeve may be the ultimate ski destination for you!

Here are our Top Reasons to Visit Megeve

It's the 3rd Largest Ski Area in France

Sitting at the heart of the Evasion Mont-Blanc ski area, Megeve stretches over 445km and contains 220 slopes, 107 ski lifts and 5 incredible snow parks as well as 5 nursery parks for beginner skiers

The area is a great place for all skiing abilities whether you're brand new to the slopes or an advanced snow sport pro! 

The Magical Village Centre

Unlike other larger ski resorts in the European Alps, Megeve has historically shunned the party scene and keeps to the quiet and peaceful side of life. There is lots of space on the glorious pistes around you and you'll never need to worry about the town being packed to the brim.
The charming atmosphere of the village's centre is something to behold. It's car free and has plenty to see and do. Every year, local artists are commissioned to decorate a gigantic Christmas tree in the centre. Locals also take tourists for scenic rides on horse-drawn carriages. 

Its Natural Beauty

Rather than having completely mapped out slopes, Megeve boasts ski slopes with far more intimidating and challenging experiences. You'll be going past stunning rock formations as well as fairytale like woodlands with trees bending under the weight of freshly fallen snow.

Try the High Altitude Dining

Megeve features some truly amazing high altitude Michelin-star restaurants that not only offer some delicious cuisine but also adds in the experience of 360 degree views of the mountains surrounding you. Some of the highly esteemed restaurants include Le 1920, Flocon de Sel and L'Alpette.

It Offers Incredible Five Star Luxury

Balancing the Alpine charm with contemporary design, Megeve features a range of major French designer shopping including Hermes & Faconnable as well as other retail therapy opportunities to suit every taste.

There's Plenty of Activities for Non-Skiers

There are a wide range of off-hill options for any non-skiers in your party and retain the fun and excitement of the Alps. Ice skating, tennis, climbing and swimming as well as the previously mentioned shopping opportunities can all be on your agenda if skiing isn't your plan for the day.  The casino and the famous Cinq Rues Jazz Bar are popular late night attractions for the area. 

Some Fantastic Events Exclusive to the Area

Megeve have a long standing history with the equestrian industry and hold annual events including the Polo Masters Cup which sees the horses and riders play on snow and ice as well as the International Jumping Competition.
Winter Golf is also a major event in Megeve and is home to the annual Snow Golf Cup.
National and international championships for figure skating and ice hockey at the Palais des Sports Stadium.

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